Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

The Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms could not be recognized easily. They are a bit confusing to identify. The people who are reading this article may suffer from sclerosis disease or might be a suspect. This could be a surprising for all those who have been experiencing any of the symptoms of this disease.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms is a complex disease that could not be easily understood. Its symptoms are common like pain, dizziness, fatigue and cognitive problems that could not be connected to MS as they may occur due to other disease.

Below there are some of the major symptoms listed of Multiple Sclerosis, but one need to be careful as there are 50 more symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis present.

Vision Problems:

The people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis experience the health problems like eye discomfort, double vision and uncontrollable eye moves. During, the eye movements patient experiences pain. The redness in optic nerve resulted in eye problems like color confusion, blurred vision or eye blindness.

About 55 % of Multiple Sclerosis patient suffer from optic neuritis attack. Optic neuritis symptoms let 15 % of people having multiple sclerosis diagnosis.


Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness and vertigo both results in unconsciousness. When people feel dizziness, then they feel faint or become lightheaded. During vertigo one gets the feeling of ground moving around or the surroundings were spinning.


Muscles related Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

The muscles problems in Multiple Sclerosis involve balance loss, weakness and coordination. This symptom mostly takes place in legs and arms. Sometimes, patient gets unable to walk properly. Another muscular problem could be muscle tightening that result pain and muscles firmness.

Some people may feel problems like finding difficulty while making certain movements or their hands shake while lifting something. This is known as intention tremor.



The other symptoms of the Multiple Sclerosis are the pain caused in legs and arms. Other problems experienced by the people are tightening, painful band around stomach. This is known as the girdle sensation. Some people also face facial pain. This could even result to weakness or poor coordination.



A common way of identifying the Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms is finding difficulty while doing physical activity. It could even result in lack of energy. The symptoms of MS do not let one sleep well and remains in the body all through the day.


Sensory symptoms

People having Multiple Sclerosis could face abnormal feelings and parasthesias. They usually feel tingle and numbness in legs and arms. Some people could also find difficult to feel temperature or sensation.


Speech related symptoms

Some people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis felt difficulty while speaking, while other does not understands well. Even people lose words or switch words while speaking. Such problems may also relate to the cognitive symptoms discussed below:


Symptoms of cognition

About fifty percent people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis faces the cognitive problems. This even exceeds to 80%. The cognitive symptoms were observed when people loss their memory, attention and concentration. Some people find difficulty in making decisions, generalizing and thinking solely.

These symptoms of cognition were not serious, but on the same side, it could not be noticed easily.


Mental Health symptoms

People suffering from Multiple Sclerosis undergo from depression. Ten percent of people suffer from mental illness whereas five percent suffers from weeping/laughing syndrome.


Bladder and Bowel Symptoms

The improper bladder working occurs in 80% people. Its symptoms appear as urine leakage, sudden urge to urinate and urination control loss.


Sexual Dysfunction

About 80% of Multiple Sclerosis suffered people face sexual dysfunction. The symptoms results in loss of interest in sexual activity or sensation loss during sex.


Heat Sensitivity

MS suffered people have increase body temperature or exertion that could sometimes worse Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
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