Causes of Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers and therapists have not been able to find specific Cause of Multiple Sclerosis, in spite of the enormous research. However, what they found is that Multiple Sclerosis is not contagious- Multiple Sclerosis do not spread from one person to another.

It is considered that numerous environmental factors are responsible for Multiple Sclerosis. This is like a genetic predisposition to the illness. This is quite different from a hereditary sickness, which directly passes from parent to child. This is not the case with multiple sclerosis. However, your probability of developing Multiple Sclerosis increases from 1/1000 to 1/50. 

Multiple Sclerosis an autoimmunity disease

Present conventional thought suggests Multiple Sclerosis to be resulting from an autoimmune procedure in which T-cells or immune cells mistake myelin. The myelin is a fatty coat around nerve cell or fibers in the spinal cord. It locates outside invader, and then assaults it. This autoimmune assault occurs through a procedure called “Molecular mimicry”.

In this process, one molecule of a protein mimics another protein. This happens because the immune system thinks it is assaulting an outside body, but this actually attack a self-owned tissue. The reason behind the happening of this procedure is not yet known.

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI)

This is the situation that arises when blood troubles a lot in getting back to the heart from the brain. This is caused due to shortening up of the veins, which drain the spine and the brain. Blood takes a long time for returning back, and gets refluxed into the spine and brain causing oedema. This causes leakage of fluids and red blood cells into the tissues of the spine and the brain.

If the brain fails to return the blood quickly enough, then this will delay the deoxygenated blood leaving from the head. This may cause hypoxia, resulting in lack of oxygen to the brain. The blood deposit in the brain tissue can be very damaging due to the release of plasma and iron from it. The iron and other unwelcome cells cross the critical brain-blood barrier.

A viral trigger may have a role in causing Multiple Sclerosis in some sort of way. However, particular viral triggers have not been found by any research professionals. It is being suspected that infection with some childhood illness could contribute a lot in the development of Multiple Sclerosis in the later stage of life.

Right thinking and attitude required for Multiple Sclerosis:

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that needs to be detected on every level mentally, morally, psychologically and physically. Communication between people about the connection between the mind and the body can contribute a lot in challenging a disease like Multiple Sclerosis.

As we all know, that what we actually believe is how we live. With a disease such as Multiple Sclerosis, it is crucial to be strong mentally and must have a positive thinking. This must help to get rid of the negativity, panic and self-possible causes. A lot of people disagree with the probable causes of Multiple Sclerosis. The controversial debate about the causes of Multiple Sclerosis still continues.

Causes of Multiple Sclerosis
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